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Classroom Rules and Expectations

North Webster High School Art Program

Teacher: Stacy Sanders       

Course Description:  Any student who is interested in the visual arts has the potential to do well in the art classroom.  Any student may take Art I,II,III,IV for a course credit. Artistically talented students may be screened for the Talented Arts Program.  Students who qualify can take talented art as a course credit or as a pull out program. 

Required Materials and Fees:  There is an art fee of $20 to help purchase art supplies such as drawing and painting papers, sketch pencils, paint brushes, paints, pastels, clay, and other sculpting materials.  The only additional materials needed are a sketch book and pencil.  Students are also asked to help with fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help keep needed perishable supplies available.  An end of the year art trip is also an annual event to look forward to for students in good standing who have joined the art club.

Art Classroom Rules & Procedures:

  1. Take care of supplies! 
  2. Bring a pencil, paper, and eraser to class every day.
  3. Clean up after yourself!  Students should begin to clean up 5 minutes before class is over.  If you wait to clean up and the bell catches you, you will be tardy for your next class. 
  4. Be nice! Students should only make positive remarks about their classmates’ artwork. 
  5. Are you a slacker?  Not in here!  Students should use their time wisely.  We will not just sit around in class and claim to be thinking.  You will know all art assignments ahead of time.  Do your brainstorming for the projects at home so you will be able to use class time producing the artwork.
  6. Bell work will be written on the board.  It should be completed by the time the bell rings and attendance is taken.  You will not be given opportunities to make-up bell work.
  7. Leaving the class will be treated like a tardy.
  8. You have three days to turn in any missed work when you have an excused absence.  It is your responsibility to get any missed assignments and to make them up in your own time.  Work missed due to an unexcused absence will not be eligible for make-up.
  9. Keep all completed work in your portfolio.  Do not leave it on my desk or lying around the classroom.  It will be thrown away.
  10. Use inside voices.  During most of the art production, you will be allowed to visit with other classmates while working on your art.  Appropriate music may be playing on the classroom radio to help establish a creative and relaxed atmosphere.  This only works if we all keep our voices lowered and be respectful of one another.  A creative atmosphere is not the same thing as an unruly atmosphere.  You will not be out of order nor will you be disrespectful to one another or your teacher.


  • 1st infraction of a classroom rule will result in a warning.
  • 2nd infraction of a classroom rule will result in contacting a parent or guardian.
  • 3rd infraction of a classroom rule will result in a write up. Student will be sent to the office. 


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