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North Webster High School Dress Code 2022-2023


TOPS: All approved tops (hoodies, jackets, and shirts) shall be color of either purple, white, silver, black, or gray. Polo shirts, oxford shirts, and/or t-shirts and sweatshirts. Only NWHS Logo/symbols are allowed.  Examples of what is not allowed in dress code include but not limited to: Other school shirts/jackets. Shirts/jackets with people’s names or pictures on them. Any other picture or graphic other than NWHS.  All tops may have a small manufacturer label on them. The top two buttons on shirts may be unbuttoned—all other buttons must remain buttoned at all times.  Undershirts should match the outer shirt with no writing on them. Polo and oxford shirts cannot be layered with other polo or oxford shirts. Due to safety issues and concerns: Students may NOT wear hoodies or other hooded tops or jackets in the building.

BOTTOMS: All students must wear only bottoms that are black, stone, or khaki in color. Girls may wear skirts, shorts, capris, and pants.  Boys may wear shorts or pants. Pants must be open hemmed and not drag the floor in a manner that destroys the pants by stepping or tripping on them or sag/fit below the hip bone. The length of skirts and shorts must be no shorter than mid-kneecap.  Absolutely no drawstring, corduroy, denim (or denim like), knit/jeggings/ leggings, or spandex bottoms are allowed.

BELTS:   Belts should be a solid color of black, brown, or khaki. Belts cannot have decorations including studs, glitter, printed or cut out decorative designs. Belt buckles must be plain with no designs; this means no rebel flags, flowers, rodeo emblems, peace symbols, electronic billboards, etc. Belts may have a small manufacturer label. Belts must fit in all the belt loops and must be buckled at all times. No part of the belt may be hanging at any time.

SHOES/SOCKS: Shoes must have a closed toe and heel and a hard, solid sole (No Crocs or athletic slides).  Shoes must be worn on campus at all times. Socks are not required; but should coordinate with the uniform when worn. Sock length can vary as long as they are at or below mid-calf.

JACKETS: Approved uniform jackets include school-colored (purple, white, black, silver, and gray)  or approved spirit and letter jackets.  All jackets are to be worn at no longer than hip length. Absolutely no denim jackets are approved.  Uniform shirts must be worn under all outerwear.  Raincoats should be clear or solid school color. Solid-colored jackets may have a small manufacturer label on them.

ADDITIONAL DRESS CODE POLICIES: The following list is provided to assist in clarifying the dress code policy:

  1. Recognized gang-related dress will not be allowed.
  2. Items of apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics that detract from the instructional program or present a safety hazard are not allowed. 
  3. Blankets are not approved or allowed for regular school activities.
  4. No caps, hats, bandanas, “do-rags,” head wraps, bonnets, toboggans, or other head sleepwear  allowed at school. These items will be confiscated.
  5. No dental grills.
  6. No wallet chains.
  7. Distracting hairstyles or unnatural hair colors such as bright red, pink, green, yellow, purple, blue, etc.  are NOT allowed. Hair color must be a natural color.  Hair must not cover entire eyes or face.  Boys may have facial hair as long as it is neatly groomed.
  8. No mutilation (tearing, ripping, holes, or cutting of any part) of the uniform and any other alteration not approved by the administration.
  9. No revealing nor excessively tight OR oversized clothing (no sagging)
  10. No cell phones in use, headphones, or earbuds are to be worn inside of the building nor during the duration of the school day.  Cell phones in use and Air Pods or Headphones will be confiscated and processed for parent pick up according to NWHS protocol.
  11. T-shirts or Sweatshirts must be of school color (Grey, silver, black, purple, and white), and may have some type of NWHS emblem, logo, or insignia.  Other insignias, logos (other than small manufacturer labels), emblems, pictures, etc. are not allowed.
  12. No clothing shall be worn with pictures of people, political sayings/ symbols, or graffiti.
  13. Any other item deemed inappropriate and distracting by school administration is not allowed.
  14. Common sense is the best dress code rule.  If you think it is inappropriate, it probably is. 








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