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Dewey Decimal Classification

000s---General Works (encyclopedias, trivia books)

100s---Philosophy & Psychology

200s---Religion & Mythology

300s---Social Sciences (economics, sociology, civics, law, education, careers, folklore, folk & fairy tales, customs)

400s---Language (dictionaries, thesauruses, grammar, foreign language)

500s---Pure Sciences (Math, astronomy, physics, chemisty, geology, biology, zoology, botany)

600's---Technology & Applied Sciences (Medicine, engineering, agriculture, cooking, business, television, radio, aviation, etc.)

700s---Arts (architecture, drawing, sculpture, painting, music, photography, sports, etc)

800s---Literature (poetry, plays, literary criticism, etc)

900s---Geography & History

92s---Collective Biography (books about the lives of several people)



SC--Story Collection (short stories)

R--Reference section