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SELECTIVE SERVICE Guys are reminded that you must register with the Selective Service within 30 days of your 18th birthday. The easiest way to register is to go online to 


COLLEGE VISITS: Seniors are allowed two days excused absences to visit colleges.  To be excused, one of your parents must accompany you.  Students must notify all teachers and coaches of any absence 3 days prior to attending your College Tour. Any work missed is the student’s responsibility to pick up, complete and return to teachers within the time frame the individual teacher gives you NO EXCEPTION….You must bring back an excuse from the Registrar/Admission Office of the College/University you toured in order for your days to be excused.


ACT ACADEMY: The first step to getting into college is doing well on the ACT. Visit to do some practice tests for the ACT. Enjoy! 

Want to take the ACT for free…….Please see Mrs. Thomas (For Juniors/Seniors Only)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Applications for scholarships come across the counselor’s desk daily and will be listed on NWHS website when available.