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To Kill A Mockingbird final project

Final Projects for To Kill a Mockingbird DUE DATE:   February 4, 2020

Directions:  Work independently or with a partner to complete one (1) independent or one group project from the choices listed below.  . Since some of these projects are group projects and some are individual projects, they are label accordingly.   


Group projects should not be completed with more than 2 people in a group for me to grade each individual fairly.  All projects (both group and individual) must be planned, practiced, and completed outside of class. There will be little class time for working on these projects.  


Each project has a small writing assignment that accompanies it and will be worth half of the total points of the grade (100 points).  


If you do NOT have your project and your accompanying writing assignment on February 4, 2020 you may NOT bring it in for extra credit.  Either you have it or you don’t.  So, bring it in on February 4, 2020    and you can earn up to 100 points.  If you submit it after February 4, 2020 you get NO points.

 List of Projects to Choose: 1. Map of Maycomb (individual): On a poster board, draw a map of Macomb and plot where each major event in the novel took place. You must plot at least ten events, with the nature or description of each event inscribed throughout the map plot. On a separate sheet of paper, explain why those events were the most important events in the novel.


2. Create an advertisement (individual or group):  Write out a script for an advertisement of the book and present it to the class. You must have props (i.e. the book, a poster, maybe some type of clothes) and your script for the advertisement.  This can be a group project if all group members participate in the presentation.


3. Draw a graphic novel (individual): Take the most important chapter from the book and turn it into a comic book.  On a separate sheet of paper, explain why you chose that particular chapter as the most important chapter of the book.


4. Write an epilogue to the novel (individual): Write an extended ending to the novel.  What happened to Scout, Jem, Dill, and Boo?  On a separate sheet of paper, explain why you wrote the ending you did.  What information from the book led you to write this ending?


5. Design a board game (group): Make a board game that deals with the theme and characters of the novel.  You must address the themes of Prejudice and Growing Up.  You must play a section of the game in class as your presentation.  On a separate sheet of paper, write out the rules of the game and how it relates to Prejudice and Growing Up


6. Create a diorama (individual): In a shoe box, depict what you thought was the most important scene from the novel.  On a separate sheet of paper, you must explain why you chose that scene and depicted it the way you did.


7. News Report (group): In a group of two, you must design a news report based on a scene from the book.  You must have two anchor reporters, one field reporter, and one character to be interviewed.  On a separate sheet of paper, you must have a script for all your characters and a quick explanation of why you chose that scene.


8. Make a model of a place in the novel (group): You may choose one of the following: A model of the town of Maycomb, a model of the courtroom where the Tom Robinson trial is held, or a model of Boo Radley’s house.



9. Create a scrapbook (individual):  which one of the characters in the novel may keep. You may wish to include pictures, letters, cartoons, drawings, or any other type of memorabilia that the character would include in his or her scrapbook. Your scrapbook must be at least four pages.


10. Research Poster (individual): - Select one of the following historical events from the list that follows, and using the internet, research the facts about your topic.  Create a poster that highlights the important points.  You can add pictures if you want.  The poster should have 10-15 facts, and be in your own words.  Possible topics:  Harper Lee, Truman Capote, the Scottsboro Trials, Jim Crow laws, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Great Depression, the real case of Mississippi Burning.


11. Make a Video (group) : - (This is the only project where groups can combine.) Realistically reenact one of the scenes.  Your video must stay true to the dialogue and plot of the novel, and be between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Costumes are helpful, especially for those of you gentlemen who are playing Scout. There is a list of ideas for scenes on the bottom of this page.  The video must be put onto a DVD that the teacher may keep to be considered complete.


SCENE SELECTIONS: 1.  Dill (description)       16.  Maycomb (downtown)    2.  The Radley house/ yard      17.  finding Dill under the bed 3.  The Ewells:  Burris, Mayella, Bob     18. the Cunningham mob   4.  kids playing Boo Radley      19.  people in town for the trial   5.  kids sneaking into the Radley lot     20.  Ewell’s place 6.  Jem discovering his mended pants     21.  Tom Robinson 7.  the snow/ snowman       *You are not limited to this list. 8.  finding the gifts in the tree 9.  Miss Maudie’s home (either before, or during fire)   Be creative and HAVE FUN!!! 10.  Francis/ the fight 11.  Christmas time 12.  Atticus shooting Tim Johnson 13.  Mrs. Dubose:  Jem breaking flower stems, or reading to her PROJECT DUE DATE:  DECEMBER 9, 2019 14.  church with Cal, Cal’s church      EXTRA CREDIT:   15.  Aunt Alexandra sitting on the porch    INDIVIDUALLY COMPLETE an Extra  PROJECT.




Writing Assignment: 50 points - Must address the requirements written above (20 points) - Must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman (10 points) - Must have all names of all members and period in top righthand corner. (10 points) - Must list which project chosen at top of page. (10 points)

Project and Presentation: 50 points - Must follow the guidelines listed above (25 points) - Must be completely prepared according to guidelines (15 points) - Must be respectful of others’ presentations and project choices (10 points)

So now that you know what’s expected of you, go and be creative!  Show me that you’re the amazing geniuses I know you are!  And above all, have FUN with this!

To Kill a Mockingbird


Gray Haynes

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