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Test 2 Study Guide

Coach Branch


US History Test 2 Study Guide



Binding the Nation by Rail

Transcontinental Railroad

  • Name the two companies the US Government contracted to build it.
  • Why did Americans dream of linking the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean by railroad?
  • Many of the immigrants who helped build the railroad came from what Country?
  • Where did the two companies meet to drive the golden spike that completed the railroad?

Interstate Commerce Commission

  • True or False. The ICC was the first regulatory agency.
  • Why did Congress have to create the ICC?


The Ways of the Cowboy

  • In 1867, Joseph McCoy tracked a 1500 mile path from Texas to Abilene, Kansas knows as the _______________?
  • True or false. The vaqueros (Mexican cowboys) taught Texans how to cattle ranch.
  • What was one of the greatest fears on the long drive that could result in lost or dead cattle?
  • Joseph Glidden invented ___________ which ended the open range.


Life on the Farm

  • List the three money problems of Western Farmers.
  • List the four natural problems.
  • True or false. Farmers had great political power.
  • What two catalogs could western farmers order products from?


The Growth of Populism

  • What was the Grange? Who led them?
  • True or false. Farmers wanted to create inflation.
  • Who benefited from the Gold Standard? Who would benefit from Free Silver?
  • What were some political reforms demanded by the Populist Party?
  • Which Populist Party candidate made an impressive showing in the election of 1892?


Election of 1896

  • What was the worst financial crisis to date leading up to the election of 1896?
  • Who was the Democratic and Populist candidate for President in 1896? Who was the Republican candidate?
  • What were WJB’s two nicknames?
  • Describe the difference in the two candidates campaign styles.
  • Who was the wealthy Cleveland Industrialist who backed McKinley?
  • Which candidate gave the “cross of gold” speech?


Essay: In your opinion, was the Populist Movement a success? Defend your position with examples of reform efforts, political gains/losses, etc.. ( 10-12 sentences, half a page)