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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Mrs. Brown’s Rules:

1. RESPECT your teacher, your peers, and yourself. 

2. No eating or drinking in class.

3. Stay seated unless given permission to get up.

4. Do not roll across the room in your chair.

5. Do not disrupt my teaching, or other students learning, with obnoxious behavior or excessive talking. 

6. Turn in assignments on time, otherwise points will be deducted. 

7. Cheating is unacceptable and all students involved will receive a zero. 

8. No personal grooming in class. This includes spraying perfume, brushing hair, putting on makeup, etc.

Mrs. Brown’s Expectations:​

​1. Come to class prepared

2. Get started on daily bell work

3. Keep up with bell work for the week, turn it in on Fridays. ​

4. Listen to instructions the first time they are given. Do not make me keep repeating myself. 

Jade Brown

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