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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules and Expectations

  1. Be on time, on task, and necessary materials ready so you’ll be prepared to learn EVERYDAY #nofreedays
  2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself #benice
  3. Be responsible for your own learning #quitcheating #workhard
  4. Clean up after youself and your classmates #notyourdad
  5. Keep all phones and other electronics PUT AWAY #notexting #notweeting #nopictures


Rules for the Teacher

  1. I will treat each student with respect, and I expect students to do the same to me.
  2. I will expect the absolute best out of every student.
  3. I want every student to work hard to be successful.
  4. I want every student to at least try and enjoy the wonderful world of biology.

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