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Classroom Rules and Expectations

  1. Follow rules as established by the student handbook as well as specific rules relative to the science environment.
  2. Learn and practice lab safety policies and use mature thinking regarding safety.
  3. Demonstrate the proper ;use of lab equipment, chemicals, materials, tools, and suppllies.
  4. Maintain a clean, safe, and functional work area which includes the whole work area of a group.
  5. Use the senses and data collection devices to obtain experimental data.
  6. Analyze data using calculators and computers.
  7. Organize reports and data on paper and in google drive.
  8. Communicate scientific research, lab reports, and other information in the appropriate format.
  9. Experience scientific measurement and data analysis in a variety of forms.
  10. Compare and contrast matter and energyh in various states and conditions.
  11. Manipulate variables and predict scientific outcomes.
  12. Plan, design, create, test, evaluate and propose new ideas for scientific applications.
  13. Make application of science principles to technology for improving life.
  14. Work with a variety of team mates in a respoonsible manner to accommplish tasks.

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