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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. Enter class on time and quietly.
  2. Bring supplies every day.
  3. Begin work immediately.
  4. Show respect to everyone.
  5. No food or drink allowed in classroom.
  6. Do not use perfume or scented lotions in the classroom or just prior to entering the classroom.



Policy for Submitting Make-up Work

Excused Absence:  All absences must be excused by the office and recorded as excused in WebPAMS before make-up work will be graded. 

Classwork – Homework:  All work must be turned in within 3 school days for full credit. Credit will be reduced by half each day after the third school day. After the fifth school day, no credit will be given.

Test:  All make-up tests must be taken within one week of the absence.  Tests must be made up before or after school.  (Seniors may take their test at the end of their school day by making an appointment with the teacher.)

Extended Excused Absence:  The student and teacher will create a written make up plan based on the number of days absent and school policy. 


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