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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Click here for my 2019-2020 syllabus

Classroom Rules

  1. Do not use cellphones or other personal electronic devices in class (unless specifically told that you can use it for the lesson). If I hear or see your cellphone, it will be taken away and given to an administrator. Class time is to learn, not to text, snapchat, or get on social media.
  2. No food or drink allowed in the classroom. Water is permitted.
  3. Arrive to class on time and be ready to learn. If you are not in the classroom being productive (getting work, sharpening pencil, completing bellwork) when the tardy bell rings, you will be marked tardy. 
  4. Do not get up to leave the classroom until I dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss the class. 
  5. Please do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy work. Cheating is unacceptable, and if caught, you will receive a 0. 
  6. Use polite and appropriate language. Offensive, profane, and demeaning terms are not tolerated.
  7. Do your best work, and turn it in on time.


Classroom Expectations

  1. Respect yourself, your teacher, and others.
  2. Put forth your best effort at all times.
  3. Be prepared for class each day.
  4. Follow directions when given.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude. You never know when it could brighten someone’s day! 
  6. Take responsibility for your actions.

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