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Classroom Rules and Expectations


Teacher:  Mrs. Zuniga (Raborn)

ROOM 225


Class Expectations:

  1. Respect yourself, your teacher, and others.

    1. Show respect for the teacher, yourself, and others at all times.

    2. Respect others’ property.  Avoid touching or writing on anything that does not belong to you (including desks, teacher’s belongings, walls, whiteboard, etc.). Don’t expect that others will clean up your messes.  Please pick up after yourself.

    3. Respect yourself and the rest of us by using appropriate language and wearing appropriate clothing.

    4. Be a kind person.

  2. Put forth your best effort at all times.

    1. Always do your best work.

    2. Put learning ahead of getting good grades.

    3. Put quality ahead of just getting it done.

  3. Be prepared for class each day.

    1. Come prepared with all materials necessary:

      1. An organized class binder containing all class assignments and handouts

      2. Loose-leaf paper, a pen (blue or black ink), or pencil

  4. Follow directions when given.

    1. When directions are given, do your best to follow them the first time.  Do not wait until the class has begun work to ask what you are supposed to be doing.  NEVER interrupt instruction to ask for directions to be repeated!

  5. Preserve a positive learning environment.

    1. Student actions that interfere with teaching or learning in the classroom will NOT be tolerated.

    2. Use class time to learn.  Do not spend your time grooming, sleeping, talking, texting, playing games, or doing work for other classes.

    3. Minimize classroom interruptions by arriving to class on time and not leaving the classroom during the hour.

  6. Take responsibility for your actions.

    1. If you are confronted about a rule infraction, own up to it.  Don’t deny it, lie about it, or blame it on someone else.

    2. Take responsibility for missed assignments.

    3. All handbook rules will be enforced.  Students who chose to break these rules must be willing to face the consequences.


Class Rules:

  1. Do not use cell phones or electronic devices without permission.  If I see or hear your phone, it will be taken away and given to an administrator.  Refusal to turn over a cell phone will be treated as insubordinate behavior.

  2. No food or drink in the classroom.

  3. Arrive to class on time and ready to learn.

    1. When the bell rings, you need to be sitting in your assigned seat.

    2. You should immediately begin on the bell work on the projector screen.

  4. Do not prepare to leave or leave your seat before I dismiss you.

    1. Please remain in your seat until I have dismissed you.  Never gather at the door before dismissal.  Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell.

  5. Do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy work.

    1. Cheating is unacceptable.  If I see you cheating on any assignment (even for another class)I will give you a zero or report the incident to the other teacher.

    2. Plagiarism (copying work from another source without giving proper credit) is completely unacceptable.  If you plagiarize on any assignment, you will earn a zero with no opportunity to re-do the work for credit.

  6. Use polite and appropriate language.

    1. Offensive, derogatory, and profane terms are not tolerated.  In order to have a safe classroom environment where all students feel comfortable, no put downs, swear words, or slang words with demeaning connotations will be accepted.

  7. Do your best work, and turn it in on time.

    1. Remember that the work that you turn in is a reflection of your effort on the assignment.  Think about the following expectations when you are preparing an assignment that I will review:

      1. Write the correct heading on all assignments.

      2. All work must be neatly done and legible in order to receive credit.

      3. Never turn in work with the fringes from spiral notebooks on the paper, or you will lose points on that assignment.


Consequences for Classroom Rule Violation:

1st time: Warning

2nd time Complete a Behavior Change Form

3rd time Parental Contact

4th time Write-up sent to the office

Additional possible consequences:

  • Parental contact

  • Change in seating assignment

  • Lunch detention

  • Office referral

Severe disruption – student will be immediately sent to the principal’s office.


Class Procedures:

  1. Entering the Classroom: During the transition time between classes, the door will be propped open.  When the bell rings, students should be in their assigned seats and working on the bell work projected on the screen.  At the sound of the bell, the door will be closed.  If you must open the door to enter the class, you are tardy.  When you enter the room, check the table for any handouts before sitting down.

  2. Tardies:  If you must open the door to enter the classroom, you are tardy.  Sign your name on the Tardy Sign-In Sheet, check the table for handouts, and sit down without drawing attention to yourself or disrupting the class.  School policy for tardies will be followed.

  3. Bell work:  There is a bell work assignment every day.  Bell work should be written on a Bell Work Sheet which will be on the handout table each Monday.  The correct Bell Work number should be written on the top of the sheet.  Bell work is always due on Friday or the last day of the school week.  If you are absent, you may write “absent” on that day’s space.  You may not wait until Friday and then copy another student’s work.  You will not receive credit for copying someone else’s work.

  4. Seating Chart:  Seats are always assigned.  Desks are labeled by row and seat number which will match a seat number on the seating chart.  A seating chart will be projected onto the screen for you to find your assignment.  Seating assignments will be changed as needed.

  5. Assignment Trays:  Each class level has an assignment tray for work that will be graded.  When you’ve completed an assignment, you may place it in the appropriate tray.  Never place your work on the teacher’s desk.  Never take someone else’s work out of a tray.

  6. Assignment Heading:  Every assignment should have a proper heading.  Write your name, the date, and class hour on the left side of your paper.  When you’ve been absent, you should place your make-up work in the tray labeled for make-up work.

  7. Late Assignments:  After I have called for assignments, the work is then considered late.  Late work will be reduced by one letter grade for each day it is late.  This reduction will occur before work is graded.  The date must be included on the heading. Once a grade reaches an “F” status, 10 points per day will be deducted.  Remember 50 points out of 100 are better than 0 out of 100.

  8. Your Responsibilities After an Absence:  Anytime you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the ABSENT BIN for assignments.  You may copy notes from a friend, but you are expected to do your own independent work from the days you missed.   With an EXCUSED absence, a student has 3 days to turn in the assignment.  A test must be made up outside of class in one sitting.

  9. Leaving Class:

    1. Sign-out Sheet:  Anytime you leave the classroom, you must write your name and where you are going on the Sign-out Sheet.

    2. Restroom: Each student will be given one restroom pass every 2 weeks for use in this class only.  Unused passes may be turned in for extra credit points for this class only.

    3. End of Class: I will dismiss class at the sound of the bell if every student is quiet and seated.  Students should not leave their seats or go to the door before being dismissed.

    4. Scheduled Check-outs: If you know that you must leave class early for an appointment, please let me know at the beginning of the class.

  10. Student Center:  There is a shelf labeled “Student Center” for student supplies.  You are free to use anything on the shelf as long as you do not disturb class to get materials.  Please return pencils at the end of class.

  11. Teacher Area:  The teacher’s desk, chair, shelves, drawers, heater, and supplies are OFF LIMITS at all times.

  12. Leaving Your Seat: ALWAYS stay seated unless you have a legitimate purpose to leave your seat.

    1. Pencil sharpener: Sharpen pencils before class or during quiet work time.  Never interrupt instruction to sharpen a pencil.

    2. Trash: Do not leave your seat to throw away trash during instruction.  Do not throw trash like a basketball.

    3. Tissue: You may use tissue as needed as long as you do not cause a disruption.

    4. Art supplies: Art supplies will be placed on the front table when they are needed for an assignment.  You will be instructed about when to use them.  Always return art supplies in the exact place you found them in.

  13. Binders: Each student is REQUIRED to have a 3-ring binder for this class.

    1. The Binder Checks occur at the end of each 9 week grading period.

    2. Binder Checks count as a 100 point test grade.

    3. Binder Cover Sheets are in the Student Center.

    4. All graded assignments should be kept in the binder and in order.

    5. Assignments are numbered to match the Cover Sheet.

  14. Good Job Coupons: Coupons can be earned for good behavior.  These coupons are only good for this class.  They may be redeemed for things like a free tardy, late work, extra credit, or a special privilege.

  15. Temperature:  This classroom is usually quite COLD! You’ll need a school approved jacket if you are uncomfortable.  I keep the thermostat as high as it will go, but it remains cold.  I’ve reported the problem to the office.















  1. Tests are usually 100 points.  

  2. Classwork is usually 25 points (worksheets, notes, and handouts)

  3. Bell work is 25 points.  

  4. Cheating, copying, plagiarism, talking during test, or any other dishonest behavior will result in a zero and other disciplinary action which will be at Mrs. Zuniga’s discretion.



NWHS and the teachers of NWHS use “Remind,” a texting program.  You will receive messages of school and class announcements.  It’s important that you enroll in this program.

1st Hour:  Text @g36gf8 to 81010

3rd Hour: Text @3c2hd to 81010

4th Hour: Text @9ggh8g to 81010

5th Hour: Text @ae98f to 81010

6th Hour: Text @kefba8 to 81010

7th Hour: Text @ke6c9 to 81010

Parents are encouraged to add themselves to their student’s classes.


Communication with Parents or Guardians:

Please visit to set up your parent center.  This allows you to see your child’s grades, missing assignments, tardies, absences, and minor discipline infractions.  Grades are posted to the grade book online weekly for your convenience.  My email is ,or you may call the school (539-2563) to speak with me on the phone during my planning hour or directly after school (3:30-3:45).



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