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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Class Expectations/Rules

  1. All school policies stated in the handbook must be followed (dress code, no eating or drinking, no tobacco products, etc.)
  2. No cell phones in the classroom! No backpacks in the classroom!  
  3. Be in your seat when the bell rings. If you are wandering around the classroom when the bell rings you will be tardy.
  4. Obtain permission/recognition with a raised hand before speaking or leaving for seat for any reason.
  5. Respect and be polite to all people in the classroom. One person speaks at a time and no passing notes. No profanity is allowed.
  6. Respect other people’s property (this includes school property). No writing on desks or walls. Stay away from other’s belongings.
  7. If you finish work early, you are expected to sit quietly at your desk.
  8. DO NOT LEAVE class without permission or a hall pass. Go to your locker, bathroom, and water fountain BEFORE coming to class.
  9. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses class. Remain in your seat until dismissed.


                1. 1st time: Eye contact/verbal warning will be given.

                2. 2nd time: The student will be assigned a behavior paragraph (parent signature needed).

                3. 3rd time: The student will be assigned two behavior paragraphs (parent signature needed) and parent will be contacted.

                4. 4th time: A referral will be sent to the office. 

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