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Agriscience II
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Agriscience II            

Course Description: Agriscience II provides students with basic knowledge of agriculture and its history, and the science applications in agriculture. This course includes units in animal science, soil science, plant science, agricultural mechanics, basic carpentry, food science technology, agricultural leadership, and jumpstart pathways. Mathematics, science, English, biology, and human relation skills will be reinforces in the course. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course are school-based enterprises, field trips, internships. Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) programs and the FFA leadership activities are integral components of the course and provide many opportunities for practical application of instructional competencies.

Course Procedures and Rules:

  1. Entering the room:
    1. Enter the room once you have given Ms. Breaux a handshake.
    2. Get out your materials and have them ready at your desk.
    3. Begin working on the Entry Activity assignment.
    4. If you are not in your seat, when the bell rings you are TARDY!
  2. Entry Activity:
    1. Begin Entry Activity assignment immediately after you enter classroom.
    2. Do not talk or share answers.
    3. If you finish, read quietly or review yesterday’s lesson.
    4. Be ready to share your answer if the teacher calls on you.
  3. When you are tardy:
    1. Quietly enter the room.
    2. Find the sign-in book located by the door.
    3. Complete tardy line.
    4. Sit in your seat and begin work.
  4. When you are absent:
    1. Check the assignment hanger.
    2. You have 3 days to turn in assignments that were assigned while you were absent.
  5. Sharpening your pencil:
    1. Sharpen your pencil before class! Raise your hand and ask for permission to sharpen during class.
  6. Going to the Restroom:
    1. Not allowed unless it is dire circumstances.
    2. After I write you a hall pass, go directly to the NEAREST restroom and straight back to class.
    3. You only have ONE hall-pass a semester.
  7. When you need paper or a pencil:
    1. If you borrow a pen or pencil, please return it at the end of class. If you need a pen or pencil for the rest of the day, please let me know and I will gladly let you borrow. You must return the pen or pencil.
    2. You if take a pen or pencil without my permission that is considered stealing. You will not be able to borrow another.
  8. Passing in Assignments:
    1. Pass papers up the row and from the wall to the door.
    2. Absolutely NO talking BEFORE, DURING, or AFTER TEST!
  9. Responding to Questions:
    1. Raise your hand if you know the answer, and patiently wait to be called on.
  10. Asking a Question:
    1. Raise your hand and wait until I call on you
  11. Coming to Attention:
    1. If you see my hand up, GO SILENT. Turn and face me.  Raise your hand and Be ready for instructions.
  12. When an announcement is made on the intercom:
    1. GO SILENT when you hear announcement.
    2. Listen to announcement!
  13. When you finish early:
    1. Begin next assignment, QUIETLY.
  14. When Visitors enter the room:
    1. Continue working quietly.
    2. If I am teaching and must give my attention to the visitor, please be silent and wait for instructions from me.
    3. When the visitor leaves, continue working quietly.
  15. When someone knocks at the door:
    1. Under ANY circumstances, a student should NEVER open a door.
    2. The teacher will answer door.
  16. If you need additional help:
    1. Raise your hand and wait until I come to your desk.
  17. End of period dismissal:
    1. Do not begin to pack up before I tell you to do so.
    2. Sit quietly, until I dismiss you.
  18. Guidelines for Assignments:
    1. Use loose-leaf paper; do not use paper torn from a book.
    2. Use blue ink, black ink, or a pencil.
    3. All assignments will be worth 100 points.
    4. There will be no bonus points given throughout the course. 
    5. There will be a 100 point Participation grade WEEKLY. If you are not in class, not working, being disreuptive, etc……. you will lose points.  All students with a 79 or higher will receive a farm ticket.
  19. General classroom procedures
    1. All school policies stated in the handbook must be followed (dress code, no eating or drinking, no tobacco products, etc.)
    2. No cell phones in the classroom! They will be taken up and turned into the office.
    3. Be in your seat when the bell rings. If you are wandering around the classroom when the bell rings you will be tardy.
    4. Obtain permission/recognition with a raised hand before speaking or leaving for seat for any reason.  See consequences section.
    5. Respect and be polite to all people in the classroom. One person speaks at a time and no passing notes. No profanity is allowed.
    6. Respect other people’s property (this includes school property). No writing on desks or walls. Stay away from other’s belongings.
    7. If you finish work early, you are expected to sit quietly at your desk and do the extra assignment.
    8. DO NOT LEAVE class without permission or a hall pass. You are expected to go to your locker, bathroom, and water fountain BEFORE coming to class. You will be allowed ONE hall-pass a semester.
    9. The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss class. Remain in your seat until dismissed.


            1. 1st time: Eye contact/verbal warning will be given.

            2. 2nd time: Student Conference

            3. 3rd time: The student will be assigned two behavior paragraphs. Parent contact.

            4. 4th time: The student will be assigned four behavior paragraphs and lunch detention.

            5. 5th time:  The student will be assigned six behavior paragraphs and a referral will be sent to the office.

            6. 6th time: The student will be removed from the class until a parent/teacher conference is held.