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ServSafe Classes

Food Safety Home Study Program.

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1. Make an account.

2. order the Online Exam Voucher and bring it to class. (See link below:) 


Click here for   ServSafe Online Exam Voucher   (Order product # SSONLINEX)  **********DO NOT purchase the Online course********** you will pay me directly for the class when you come for the class/exam.


For Home Study: 

Below is a copy of each chapter from the ServSafe Manager textbook, 7th ed.  Read each chapter and answer the review questions before coming to class.

DVD  Links: 

Ch 1.


Ch. 3

Ch. 4

Ch 5.

Ch. 6

Chapter Quiz:


Food Safety Manager Certification Study Guide


Sample Exams and Answer Key


Useful websites:

Practice Quiz and Flash Cards