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Educational Websites

Flashcard Machine

Use this website to create online flashcards and study vocabulary on a mobile device.



This is a wonderful site for extra practice and test review.  Geometry students – choose the geometry link and then choose the topic of your choice.  Advanced Math or College Math students – you will find many topics that you need in the Alg 2 link.  You can view instruction or practice covering various topics, test review and the TI-84. (Linked with permission from site owners.)

DESMOS - A Free Graphing Calculator Online

If you do not own a graphing calculator and you cannot use an app on a smart phone, this link will carry you to a free online tool.  There are many others and they are fine.  This is just the one I have been using for a few years. SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL GEOMETRY STUDENTS: This is the same graphing tool that will be available for use on the LEAP 2025 Geometry Exam.

KHAN Academy

A great website for tutorial videos and extra practice in any subject. 

Mometrix Media LLC

This is a great ACT prep site (for all subjects).  The company provides free instructional videos for every content area on the ACT test.  There are also short practice tests.  At the end of the test, you will see your score along with instructional guidance for every problem missed.  Note: They will try to sell you a review test or their version of the flashcards but if you need help with a specific topic, this site is very useful.  

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