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FACS I and FACS II Class Rules & Expectations

Mrs. Colvin

Family and Consumer Sciences Class Syllabus


Classroom Goals

Classroom Goals will vary with the course the student is enrolled in.


FACS I and II:

Students will be able to:

– perform basic childcare services.

– thread a sewing machine.

– construct a basic sewing project with and without use of a pattern.

– perform basic grooming techniques.

– read and follow basic recipes to prepare simple food dishes.

– manage basic personal finances.

– demonstrate an understanding of relationships.

– perform a job search.

– write a resume

– fill out a job application.

– clock in and out using a time clock.

– maintain a checking account.

– write a check.

– reconcile a checkbook.

– preform basic newspaper or internet searches for products or services.

– manage household utilities thru the payment of monthly bills.

– address an envelope for bill payment and other correspondences.

– plan a vacation trip or other trips using various internet resources.

– plan and purchase weekly meals or groceries.


Guidelines for Success

Winners make their own luck. They achieve. It takes:






To be successful!

Classroom Rules

Students are expected:

1. Come to class with ALL supplies and work needed for learning.

2. Use restroom before school, between classes and at lunch break.

3. Come to class on time.

4. Be physically in the classroom BEFORE the tardy bell sounds.

4. Do the assigned work and turn it in on time for grading.

5. Keep your area clean. (put trash in wastebasket, pick up your supplies,

return classroom supplies, put books back on shelves)

6. Check Mrs. Colvin’s webpage daily and especially when absent.

7. Check grades in Parent Center.


Winners know the rules and follow them:




Activities will vary depending upon which Family and Consumer Sciences course a student is enrolled in. Not all courses will have the same activities, but some will be the standard for all courses. Activities: Daily Journals, Individual Written Work, Individual Exams (written and computer based), Group Work, Labs (crafts, sewing or foods labs), Presentations, Research Projects, Computer Work, Simulations, Internships. A few courses may have field trips.



Each student will be expected to maintain a classroom portfolio. Contents of the portfolio will be assessed during each nine weeks.

Grading policy, make-up work, and the tardy policy (consequences) are outlined in the NWHS student handbook.


Grading scale: A = 93-- 100 , B = 85-- 92,  C =  74-- 84, D = 67-- 73, F= 0--66


Classroom Procedures

ALL backpacks and purses are to be placed under student’s chair or under the table. You should bring a small zipper bag to keep supplies in for class.


Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed in the classroom/building.


ALL cell phones should be turned OFF and placed out of sight. I will follow the WPSB policy for dealing with cell phone violations.


Entering the Classroom

Upon entering the classroom, students are expected to have their supplies and sharpen their pencils if needed. They are then expected to sit in their assigned seat and begin work on the Journal Assignment which will be on the board or TV screen. On Foods lab days there will be no Journal Assignment. Students will be expected to proceed to the kitchen lab and begin the lab assignment.


Tardy to Class

A student is Tardy to class when he/she is not physically in the classroom when the tardy bell sounds. Students will be marked as tardy if less than 10 minutes late to class, after that they will be marked as skipping. Upon entering the classroom, the student will quietly get their supplies and start where the class is at when he/she enters.


Paper or pencil

Students are expected to have a BLACK or BLUE ink pen and a pencil to write with each day. (NO RED or NEON PENS!!! ) Students are expected to have a 3-ring binder with 5 dividers and loose leaf paper. The binder will be divided into sections: JOURNAL, VOCABULARY & REVIEW, NOTES, HANDOUTS & WORKSHEETS, GRADED PAPERS. Students should have a zipper bag (pencil bag) for supplies.


How to find out what the daily assignments are

Listen to instruction when given. Daily assignments will be posted on the board or a PowerPoint presentation projected on the whiteboard or verbally given during class. Daily assignments with attachments will be posted on Mrs. Colvin’s school webpage that can be accessed thru the school website. (

Turning in assignments

ALL assignments are due at the of class unless otherwise stated by Mrs. Colvin.  Assignments are to be placed in the “Turn-In” basket with their class period label. Please DO NOT lay papers on Mrs. Colvin’s desk or anywhere else for grading. ONLY papers in the class basket will be graded, all others will be tossed in the trash. LATE assignments will NOT be graded.


ALL assignments should have the proper paper heading:

FIRST and LAST (legal given name)




CHAPTER and PAGE (if it is not a pre printed page)



Finding out grade status

Students and parents should check grades using Parent Center. Grades will be updated weekly. Students are also encouraged to keep a record of assignments in their binder.


Student responsibilities after an absence

Absent students are to check Mrs. Colvin’s webpage for daily assignments. Students will only be allowed to make-up work with an EXCUSED absence. Students have as many days to make up work as they were absent and excused. Example: absent 3 days, have 3 days to make up work upon returning to school. It is the student’s responsibility to make up the missed work. There will be no reminders.


Late, missing, or incomplete assignments

Assignments are due at the end of class unless stated otherwise by Mrs. Colvin. There will be NO late assignments. You will receive a 0.


Long Term Projects will not be accepted late. “Due Dates” are given when the project is assigned. Students are also reminded of the due dates during the course of the project. Dual Enrollment courses have due dates that can not be changed. Grades have to sent to the college where the dual enrollment credit is given.  


Communication procedures with parents and families

Parents needing to communicate with Mrs. Colvin may contact the office to set up an appointment. Or they may e-mail me at my school e-mail address.


Ending class

Students are expected to put away ALL supplies used during class. Tables are expected to be clean and free of papers, books, pencils, and markings.  Students are expected to remain in their assigned seat until the bell sounds from class change.


Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations

1st time: Warning

2nd time: 50 words or more Behavior Plan

3rd time:  100 words or more Behavior Plan with Parental contact

4th time:  Behavioral report sent to office and a written referral filled out.


Severe disruption – student will be immediately sent to the principal’s office and a written referral filled out.


Failure to write Behavior Plan will result in the next level of consequences.


Classroom Rule violations 2 and 3 will result in Mrs. Colvin entering a discipline note in the student’s class grades which will be viewed from Parent Center.


Consequences for Code of Conduct Violations

Refer to the NWHS Student Handbook that is located on the school webpage.


Student Name    __________________________________________ Date ______________


Parent Signature __________________________________________ Date ______________



A copy of this syllaubs will be posted on Mrs. Colvin’s webpage under Classroom rules and Expectations.